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Colkie is a new community for music lovers where artists and fans connect through unique experiences

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The mobile app with all functionalities is available today (iOS & Android). Our fully-featured web version is in development
Yes! Colkie is free for both artists and fans. Colkie keeps a small percentage of artists' earnings to keep the lights on, but at no upfront cost to you
Yes. Colkie is built on an artist-first philosophy. We are music lovers ourselves and treat artists the way we would like to be treated
If you would like to make a living out of your music, Colkie is for you! Grow your fanbase and connect with you followers while monetizing the content you create
No. Colkie wants you to be successful – so feel free to use other apps or tools! Colkie provides with multiple revenue and fan engagement features all in one app so artists can focus on their music instead of managing multiple platforms
Yes. Colkie operates within the highest security compliance to keep your data and personal information safe

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