If you are reading this, you most likely know by now what Colkie is and how it can help you. At this point it is important that you are also aware of what having a profile or private community on Colkie involves. Your most loyal fans will be following you and subscribing to your community, so offer them the best of you!

We know it has taken you a lot of effort and resources to build such an invaluable audience, this is why we want to help you keep your community engaged and make it grow.

✓ General Tips:

    • Be constant: post and interact with your fans on a regular basis and let them feel part of your community and your projects. Drafting a calendar with the frequency and content you plan to share on your community can help you organize while keeping your fans engaged. You have here a calendar proposal that might be useful to get things started.
    • Exclusive content: make sure that you always provide quality and that the material you share on Colkie cannot be found on any other platforms. Share new formats on unreleased material - this will make your community on Colkie even more valuable and worth the money.
    • Develop your brand: your space on Colkie is the perfect place to show your work and everything around it just as you envision it. You are the one setting the rules, so shape your profile and community to make it work for you.
    • Be authentic and relatable: make your fans feel that they're right there with you while you're composing or rehearsing. Giving them access to this kind of experiences is what makes Colkie different, so make the most of it.

Ideas for sharing:

Find below some ideas of material you can share through the different sections on Colkie. You can share pretty much anything and everything you can think of, so feel free to unleash your creativity and share anything you feel your fans will love. You're the one that knows them best!


This section of your community is your most powerful tool to improve your fans' engagement. This is why it's important you nurture your community members making them feel part of your project.

Find below some ideas on how to interact on your Backstage:


➡︎ On a daily basis:

    • Text messages: greet them, thank them for their support, post open questions to generate more interaction, ask for their feedback on new material/projects/ideas
    • Audios: previews of new material, updates on your day or a specific experience, share exclusive news
    • Pictures: contenido en bruto de tu día a día y todo lo que hay detrás de tu música (en el estudio, de relax, en eventos, opinión sobre outfits)

➡︎ On a weekly basis:

    • Videos: rehearsal or recording sessions, behind-the-scenes footage, video previews, demos, covers
    • Exclusive news and announcements: tour and release dates, new collabs or new projects

➡︎ On a monthly basis:

    • Give aways: concert tickets, access to the backstage of one of your gigs, signed merch, the opportunity to meet you or take part on on of your videos - the options are endless and your fans will value each of them!


This section of your community is always public and here you can share with your followers both public events (anyone can have access to these) and private ones (only for the subscribed members of your community).

Here you have some examples:


➡︎ Public events:

    • Tour dates
    • Public interviews
    • New releases

➡︎ Private events:

    • Digital Meet-ups: video calls with your fans where you'll be able to: share exclusive announcements or news, organize Q&A sessions, play a new song and tell them about the story behind it
    • Physical Meet-ups: meet & greets, exclusive record signings, limited access to sound-checks or your backstage at one of your concerts
    • Benefits: ticket pre-order, access to special sales of exclusive merch

Exclusive Content

These paid content will be displayed on your public profile as blocked content and, as opposed to the one you share on your Backstage, will be accesible to any Colkie user:

  • fans that are not subscribed to your community will be able to pay to access it
  • members of your community will enjoy it at no additional cost


 ➡︎ Content ideas:

    • Unreleased material: 'behind-the-scenes' or 'on the road' footage when touring, rehearsal and recording sessions, acoustic sessions, music video filming clips, unreleased songs, covers, sound-checks, or clips of concerts or other performances
    • Insights: whats behind your lyrics, explanation of what's one of your songs about or your next project, tutorials on how to play or sing your songs
    • Ted Talks: master classes on specific topics (e.g., how to write songs or compose music, the journey of your career, exclusive interviews)

You can take a look at our calendar for artists - a guide to help you organize your interactions on Colkie.