Once your Colkie profile and community are up-and-running you just need to invite your fans to sign up for it.

What better place to start off at than your other channels where you already have a loyal and engaged fan base?

When you just joined Colkie:

We strongly recommend you to not start promoting your Colkie community until your account has been verified and you have already posted some material. This way when your fans arrive to Colkie they will be able to start interacting with that.  

  • Tease your followers and generate some buzz. A couple of days before officially launching your Colkie account, share on social a little hint about it. It could be a short video saying you are excited about a new project and that you will be letting them know more about it really soon.
  • When the day comes, make it a big deal. Let your fans know about the good news by posting on your profile or on Stories - we have created some Colkie stickers and a filter that you can find on our official account for you to use. You could also motivate your fans to join your community on Colkie with some extra benefits such as offering them the first month of subscription for free.

On a regular basis:

It is a great start you shared on your other channels that you just joined Colkie, but to truly make it work, you will need to be constant and frequently share material that will entice your fans to subscribe to your Colkie community.

This doesn’t need to be an extra effort, you just need to incorporate it to your material sharing routine.

Find below a few examples of what kind of material you could share to activate your fan base:

  • Thank your subscribers for supporting you. This will help retain them and will attract new subscribers.
  • Share some stats about your community such as number of subscribers as this will trigger some FOMO among the fans that haven’t joined yet to your community.
  • Remind them the benefits of being part of your community on Colkie
  • When you share material on Colkie, share also a preview of it on your social communities - let your fans get a taste of what being a member of your community feels like.
  • Talk about what Colkie means to you.
  • Announce releases or exclusive news that you will only share on Colkie.

✓ To keep in mind:

    • It’s great to share on social media teasers or previews of the material you post on Colkie but try to keep the material that can be monetized on Colkie exclusive to the app. Otherwise, if your fans can access the same material on other platforms the urge to join your community won’t be the same.
    • In order to subscribe to you Colkie community, your fans will need to download the app first, so it is crucial you make this as easy as possible by tagging Colkie on your posts so your followers can go to our official account and download the app from there or by adding a direct link to the app store: