New to Colkie? Welcome! In this article, we walk you through the first steps on the app so you can start getting the most out of it.

When creating your account:

  • Think about the musical genres you are going to select. You can choose up to 3 genres, so try to be as accurate as possible when describing your music. This is a key aspect of your account, since our recommendation system for fans is heavily based on this selection.
    > If you already have selected some genres and would like to edit them, you can always do so on your profile’s settings page
  • Once you have successfully created your account, apply for your verification. Getting verified as an artist on Colkie not only lets your fans know yours is the official account but it also allows you to create your Colkie community.

✓ To get verified as an artist:

    • Make sure your fanbase is solid enough to allow you to convert at least 100 true fans to members of your community.
    • Post at least 1 public video (a good option could be explaining your fans what you'll offer on Colkie) and at least 2 posts of exclusive paid content.
    • Send us an email to with a photo of each side of your ID and a photo of yourself holding the front of your ID.

Please, take into account that the verification process can take up to 3 days from the receipt of your documents.

Your profile:

  • Complete your profile by adding a picture of yourself or your band and a brief bio. You have 150 characters here to tell the world anything about you and your project.
  • As soon as you create your account you should start posting right away. This way there will already be material when your first fans visit your profile or start following you. We strongly recommend you to plan ahead of time and get some material ready before creating your account.

Your community:

When creating your community, remember this is really what makes Colkie different. There are other platforms where you can share your material on but your community on Colkie is your most loyal fan club, so give it a thought before starting setting it up.

  • Include a description of your community. Since your fans will be able to see this info before subscribing to your community and it can help them decide whether they want to join it, be as specific as possible on what they will find on it.
  • Create a welcome message to greet your subscribers when they join your community. Say hello and invite them to join the conversation and interact with you and the other members of your community.
  • Set the price of your subscription. Think about the type of material you are going to share on your community and your goal as an artist to help you decide. There are 3 prices available to choose from:$1.99, $4.99 or $9.99.
    > We know it’s sometimes hard to put a price tag on your creativity but we strongly recommend you to set a price so your community can appreciate the value of what you do and the material you share with them.
  • Decide if the monthly subscription to your community will include limited messages. If you choose to limit them, you will need to set the exact number of messages included. Here you will also be able to activate the option for your subscribers to buy extra messages once they have run out of them and to fix a price for it.
  • Fill in your bank details in order to receive your payments. Note that both the phone number and bank account as well as the billing address must belong to the same country. If this is not possible, please get in contact with us at and we’ll solve it as soon as possible.

Once your community is ready, you will have access to exclusive features:


A private channel to directly interact with
the members of your community and share exclusive content and news with them


Share your public events - such as concerts or releases - and your private ones (only available for your community)


Exclusive content that your subscribers will enjoy and the fans that are not yet part of your community can purchase


The place to expand the experience of your fans by connecting your other distribution platforms or merch store

If you want some ideas on what to share on your community, check out our post 'How to make your Colkie community succeed'.

Now you are all set you can start sharing your always inspiring material and connect with your fans like never before.