Tips and ideas for a successful onboarding at Colkie

Find in this guide info and tips to help you get the most out of Colkie. Establish a closer relationship with your true fans improving their engagement and loyalty while you enjoy a new revenue stream.

What can you do on Colkie?

Organize private events which only your community will have access to

Offer exclusive content for the fans subscribed to your community to enjoy

Interact with your fans and share exclusive content and events with them

Connect with your true fans and improve their engagement

How can you make money with Colkie?:

You can generate direct revenue through two different ways:

  1. Subscriptions to your Colkie community: get the monthly fees your fans pay for their subscription to your community. Thanks to this channel - whose membership price you establish - you’ll interact directly with your fans and share new material and exclusive experiences with them.
  2. Paid content: publicly share one-off paid content pieces so the fans that are not part of your community can purchase them.
  3. Deals with brands: your community on Colkie is the perfect place to amplify the exposure of the brands you collaborate with.

How can I make my Colkie community succeed?:

Here you have some tips and ideas that will contribute to make your Colkie community a huge success both for you and your fans:

  • Be close and authentic: build a more meaningful relationship with your fans sharing your experiences and daily routines with them and make them feel like part of your day-to-day life and projects.
  • Share all your news: publishing exclusive news about your upcoming gigs, shows, or projects is a great idea since your fans always want to be the first to know what’s next.
  • Keep it up: being active on a regular basis is key. Make the price of your community’s subscription worth it by interacting and sharing material as often as possible.
  • Exclusivity and quality first: make sure the material you share is only available on Colkie and is valuable for your fans. This will encourage them to stick to their subscription to your community or to buy one-off paid content.

Be creative

Share different material than the one you post on other platforms. Your fans don’t usually have access to your rehearsal sessions or your creative process, but your Colkie community is the perfect place to share with them these kinds of unique experiences. Q&A sessions or drawing to have access to your backstage, meet you in person, or attend one of your recording sessions… There’s no limit here, so use your imagination.

Leverage your existing fanbase

Share on your other channels that you are on Colkie, this way you’ll bring your most loyal fans to the platform. On our article 'How to bring your fans to C olkie ' you will find mor info and suggestions on how to make it happen.

*You can use our Instagram stickers or filter that you will find on our official account to make your own Stories or we can even work on something cool for you to share ;)

Find more info about your first steps on Colkie on our post 'Getting started on Colkie' and more ideas and tips on 'How to make your Colkie community succeed'.