Your music, your community

Build your community of true fans and connect with them while getting paid for it

What is Colkie?

Colkie is a platform dedicated to music and specially designed to help artists consolidate their audiences into just one community with their most loyal fans. A place to build a closer relationship with their true fans and showcase their projects while enjoying a new revenue stream.


A music-only environment to nurture your community


A space to boost the engagement and loyalty among your true fans


A platform to get a new source of income


Get closer to your true fans

Enjoy a direct way of communication with your fans where you establish the rules. Share with them your day-to-day as an artist and everything around your project.


Share public and private events

Let your fans know about all your important dates - from public events such as releases or concerts, to private events available only for your subscribed community members.


Offer your fans what they really crave

Provide your fans with the kind of material they want but can't find anywhere else - from sound-checks to 'behind the scenes' footage. This exclusive content is gold for them!


Generate a new source of income

Get a recurrent revenue stream by getting the monthly contributions of the fans subscribed to your community.

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