Best practices to
start on sesh

Nielsen Music's 2022 Year-End Report

How to on-board & grow your community
Tell as many people as you can about your community and where it is going to be located, use the link as your ally
1º Open a session and share it on IG stories
Open your first session in Sesh to explain your community what will they find there and post a story on Instagram with a video telling your followers to join your community with a direct link
2º Leverage your social media followers
and turn them community members by having your community link in your bio and posting a video of yourself on your social media accounts announcing and explaining your community

3º Continue sharing the experience
Posting on social media screenshots of good moments on sesh will be your number one toll to grow your community. Share 1 screenshot of a session a week for the first month on Instagram stories and Twitter
When you talk about sesh on other social media platforms to on board new members to your community, communication about what sesh is on your own words is vital and will change how effective the post or tweet translates. Let’s remember that sesh is a new tool, the easier it is for community to understand it the better.
For example: “Hi guys! I was super excited to tell you about sesh, this is the new place where we can all hang out, talk and interact with each other, my community is available for you guys to join, see you there! link here”.
How to use sesh
Connect with your members, discuss relevant topics and activate your members to achieve larger goals
Post 1 Session every two days
and come back and interact in the same session two times. If there is a community leader, we recommend to set that member as moderator to inform the community of all the news to create amplification and use your community as your personal army
Use the segmentation tool
which enables you to open a session just for members of specific locations. Use it to talk about the local activities and activate them for your own benefit (make local topics relevant to you, and your community will become more active with you locally helping you with things like charting on that region or selling more tickets there)
Have a purpose when opening sessions don’t just say hi, you want to create a conversation between your community and yourself (for example, ask your community to share specific content like footage after a concert or best moments from an interview, favorite lyric of a new song, best part of new music video, ...)
Examples of sessions